Reviews are Coming in on the New Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park

"Get ready for Fun!" exuded one excited fan after a day at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal's newest theme park in Orlando, Florida. Reviews of the Harry Potter experience are starting to come in. Isn't it time you planned to rent an Orlando timeshare and take your family of budding wizards to "the most exciting theme park to open in ages"?

Fans will find themselves authentically immersed in the very "Wizarding World" that they inhabited with Harry Potter and his wizard friends (and foes) every time they turned a page of the books or thrilled to a movie scene. Right here in Orlando you'll feel hot dragon's breath, eat exploding candy, drink butter beer and pumpkin juice, ride a Hippogriff, see talking portraits and moving staircases.

One review put it this way: "One of my favorite things about the new Harry Potter park is that the show never seems to end. Everywhere you look, there's some moving animatronics character, live character shows and performances, a ride, scenes from the books, and so on. You're continually entertained and made to feel like you've truly entered the world of Harry Potter."

A number of reviews give the Butter Beer (obtained, of course, at the Three Broomsticks) big thumbs up (photo at right).
Apparently J.K. Rowling herself supervised the creation of this concoction.

The Dragon Challenge roller coaster ride is reputed to be Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe's "favorite roller coaster of all time," and mere muggles agree. "These roller coasters are longer than the average thrill ride. There are more loops, spins, upside down over the top and every which way that you can possibly turn upside down than any other ride that I've ever been on, and they go really, really fast," says one reviewer.

The Flight of the Hippogriff, may be a bit tamer ride, and is considered more of a "family" coaster, but is still "a thrilling ride!" according to many reviews. Harry Potter fans will enjoy the fact that the line winds past Hagrid's hut, and Hagrid himself is there to welcome you to his Magical Creatures class.

The main attraction is the Forbidden Journey ride that takes you through Hogwart's Castle. "The blending of simulation and reality in this ride is the best I've ever seen," stated one reviewer. But be forewarned - several reviewers have mentioned that this ride is not for the youngest ones in your group, as some scenes are very realistic and can be quite frightening.

"Overall, a fantastic experience! I can't wait to go back!" summed up one reviewer. And a young fan from Colorado put it this way: “If you are a Harry Potter fan this is a dream come true." So plan a timeshare rental vacation and head to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

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