5 Fantastic Surf Spots in America

Surf's Up! No matter what season of the year it is, great surfing can be found somewhere in America. Surfing has grown to be an iconic cultural phenomenon all its own, immortalized in song, film and fashion - and the search for the perfect wave. If you've been planning a timeshare surfing vacation, here are a few surfing beaches considered by the surfing world to be some of the "Most Fantastic Surf Spots in America."
  1. North Shore, Oahu
    Rent an Oahu timeshare anywhere on the island, and you'll find your way to the North Shore. Famous as one of the top surfing areas in the world, there are some pretty hefty waves crashing on this shore all year round (see photo above). But winter is when the surfing here charges up to a whole new level. The giant storm-generated swells in the northern Pacific travel thousands of miles to break along Oahu's North Shore with some of the most imposing and massive waves on the planet.

  2. New Smyrna Beach, Florida
    Rent a Daytona Beach timeshare and this phenomenal surfing area is a quick drive down the coast. Considered one of the most consistent surf spots in Florida, fantastic waves offer surfers fantastic rides at this surf beach. The subtropical climate here is perfect for summer surfing, and for growing special treats of coconuts and bananas!

  3. Mavericks, California
    On the list of best American surf spots is not southern California, but this surf beach at Half Moon Bay. A timeshare rental in San Francisco will put you in good shape to experience one of the most popular spots in the sport of surfing. The water is chilly, so wet suits are recommended, but here the waves are gigantic. The annual Mavericks Surf Contest is held here pitting athlete against nature with the 50-foot waves that come roaring out of the Gulf of Alaska during the winter.

  4. Manasquan, New Jersey
    Drive just an hour from your Atlantic City timeshare rental and you're in a spot considered to be one of the best surfing beaches on the east coast. Prime surf season in New Jersey occurs during the Fall months. The beach crowds are gone, and although the air temperature is cooler than summer, the Atlantic Ocean here generally remains warm through October. And the waves are at their peak, often generated by hurricanes miles away.

  5. Tanker Surfing, Galveston, Texas
    For advanced surfers only! Rent a Galveston timeshare and check out this variation on the sport where surfers lie in wait in the Galveston ship channel to catch an impressively long ride on the wake of a giant ship. Just make sure you know what you're doing!

(Photo of the North Shore, Hawaii provided by aloha-hawaii.com)
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