The iPad2s Effect on Timeshare Resorts and Travel

It's new, it's thin, and it's taking the travel world by storm. What is it? The iPad 2 - and it just might be the way you'll plan and enjoy your timeshare vacations from now on.

Breaking Travel News (BTN) posted this report on the iPad 2 March 25, 2011.
As the device hits the shelves, hoteliers, airlines and concierges will be among the keenest buyers, all looking for new ways to use the technology in the tourism industry.

So what is new with the iPad 2? It is lighter than its predecessor. In fact it is a whole 33 per cent thinner and up to 15 per cent lighter, so it feels more comfortable in the hands.

On the inside, the iPad 2 also has two powerful cores in one A5 chip, meaning it can do twice the work at once. “Multitasking is smoother, apps load faster and everything just works better,” says Apple in a press release.

New operating system - iOS 4 - is also included, letting users browse, read and see everything just by pointing a finger. Front and rear cameras - the biggest omission from the original iPad - are also included. The new device offers ten hours of battery life; perfect for getting through long-haul flights with the latest movies, or just surfing the net on increasingly wi-fi enabled flights.

Among the first to employ the new device is InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, which has already confirmed it will connect guests face-to-face with concierge teams. Other companies, including Marriott International and Wyndham Worldwide, are quickly following suit.

Jetstar will become the first airline to offer passengers iPads for in-flight entertainment. The Australian low-cost carrier will rent the devices on domestic services starting this month, and plans to expand the service to international routes later this year. Passengers will be able to watch preloaded films and TV programs, read e-books, and listen to music or play games.

Even the planners behind the Royal Wedding have jumped on the bandwagon, with the release of an iPad app detailing the particulars of the event, while World Travel Awards has launched Best in Travel Magazine.

Most importantly, it appears the new device will be of great use to international travelers. Included are an accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope, and compass – all of which will allow great improvements to map and augmented reality apps.

A larger screen will also make virtual tours of resorts all the more impressive, or you can plug the iPad 2 into a HDTV to get a look at a timeshare resort that's almost as good as being there.

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