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In this era of global terrorism how would you attempt to ensure the safety of the flying public, as well as protect people on the ground, while at the same time allowing for a relaxed flying experience? The next time you're flying to your timeshare rental vacation destination, think about it... Then, share your opinion with the U.S. Travel Association.

The U.S. Travel Association has launched a new website for travelers to share their opinions on air travel security screening with the Obama Administration, Congress and the travel industry.

The new site is in direct response to the emerging vigorous debate over the effectiveness and appropriateness of various security policies, and the fact that a free flow of air travel is critical to the American economy and job creation.

"The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has the difficult responsibility of securing and facilitating air travel for two million passengers daily," said Roger Dow, U.S. Travel's president and CEO. "In our recent conversations with Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano and TSA Administrator Pistole, they stressed that they are always seeking ways to improve the air travel security screening process. We need to hear ideas and experiences from travelers to better inform our discussions with policymakers and build a screening process that maximizes security while minimizing the burden on travelers."

U.S. Travel Association created after receiving nearly 1,000 unsolicited comments from travelers over the past week regarding new TSA techniques.

The website complements the "Blue Ribbon Panel for Frictionless Aviation Security" created by the U.S. Travel Association last February to produce a long-term vision for America's air travel security screening. The panel includes former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, former American Airlines CEO Bob Crandall, Sabre Inc. CEO Sam Gilliland, airport directors, and a wide variety of security experts. Feedback received through will be considered in the panel's final recommendations, expected to be released by February 1, 2011.

"Air travel is the gateway to commerce and job creation in the United States," said Dow. "We look forward to working with Secretary Napolitano, Administrator Pistole and other government leaders to create a world-class passenger screening process that exceeds the expectations of the American public."

The U.S. Travel Association is the national, non-profit organization representing all components of the $704 billion travel industry. The U.S. Travel Association's mission is to increase travel to and within the United States.
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