5 Must Have Travel Apps

The holidays are a time of good cheer, merriment, and fun. Travel is often times much less so. If you're planning to travel to a timeshare rental vacation this holiday, there are ways to lessen the stress and have a much more relaxed experience.

ABC News technology expert Ki Mae Heussner offers suggestions on how to survive holiday travel - using apps for your smartphone. If you're one of the many people (almost half) in the United States who own a smartphone, you'll appreciate Heussner's list of the top 5 smartphone apps that will help put a jingle in your step as you travel this holiday season.
  1. Luggage Limits
    This is a simple calculator that lets you type in your airline, departure airport and arrival airport to figure out how much checked and carry-on luggage you can bring for free, and compare costs for excess baggage across 175 airlines (see photo).

  2. My TSA
    If you want to minimize your time talking to TSA agents at the airport, download the agency's free application and take a look before you get in the security line. The app lets you look up the approximate wait times for the security lines at your airport, as well as see airport delays across the country.
    It also includes a "Can I Bring?" search tab that will help you figure out what you may and may not bring on board.

  3. TripIt
    For the traveler who needs some help staying organized, TripIt makes it easy to manage itineraries for several trips at once. All you do is send the free service the confirmation e-mails from any of 1,000 travel companies (including airlines and hotels) and TripIt transforms the information into easy-to-navigate lists and tabs. It automatically includes necessary directions and relevant maps.
    TripIt also helps you share your travel information with friends and family in Facebook, LinkedIn or your TripIt network.

  4. Gate Guru
    For long layovers and flight delays, Gate Guru is a must-have application. This app provides information about all the businesses near your gate or in your concourse or terminal, along with user reviews, maps and pictures. Instead of walking aimlessly around the airport, hefty bags in tow, you can just pull up the app and find out the best places for a cup of coffee or a decent meal.

  5. Tom Tom
    This navigation application provides updated maps, turn-by-turn directions and traffic information for the U.S., Canada, Western Europe, Mexico and Brazil, depending on which package you purchase. Just hop in the car wherever you are, pull up the application and type in your destination. The application provides voice directions while still letting drivers take and place phone calls.
(Photo credit - itunes.apple.com)
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