Timeshare Exchange can Show You the World

The year 2009 was a rough one for Global tourism, with the world financial crisis, not to mention the swine flu. However, experts are optimistic that Global tourism will rebound 3 - 4% in 2010 following 2009's fourth-quarter recovery, especially in the Asia, Pacific and Middle East regions. Africa might even buck the trend at a 5% growth. When you exchange your timeshare for a new destination, you can see the world!

Timeshares abound through-out the world, the concept actually starting in England in the 1960s and spreading across Europe and then to North America, before really covering the globe in the last decade. Not only can you own and rent in some of the most exotic and fascinating places in the world, but with timeshare exchange the world is your oyster so to speak.

Imagine spending a timeshare exchange vacation with your family at HaiKou Blossom Season Sprinwater Resort in Hai Kou City, China. Located on the northern end of Hainan Island, the South China Sea will be at your doorstep.

Or plan your 2010 timeshare exchange vacation at the Club Pyla Beach Resort in Larnaca on the southwest coast of beautiful Cyprus, a Eurasian island country in the eastern Mediterranean. Here you can enjoy not only a sunny climate, but taste Cyprus's famous Halloumi cheese which is made from a mixture of goat's and sheep's milk and is commonly served grilled.

For a truly exciting family timeshare vacation, exchange at the royal Reserve Safari & Beach Club in Mombassa, Kenya (see photo above). Set on the Kikambala white sand beach amongst coconut palms, at this resort you can arrange for a special underwater safari to a coral reef or one of the big game safaris for which Kenya is famous.

The Mount Amanzi Resort in South Africa is one of the closest resorts to Johannesburg and Pretoria. Next to the majestic Magaliesberg Mountains, you'll not only be able to enjoy parasailing and windsurfing, but you can also explore a snake park, a cheetah trust or an elephant sanctuary.

A completely different type of vacation awaits your family when you exchange at the Kaimanawa Lodge or the Turangi Leisure Lodge, both located in Turangi, New Zealand. Turangi is in the center of the North Island, along the wonderful Tongariro River. The surrounding countryside offers challenging hunting, fishing and mountain biking. You can take an extreme hike or a leisure bush walk. Exciting river activities include white water rafting and kayaking.

Become a part of recovering Global tourism and explore your world. It’s so easy to do with timeshare exchange.
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