Hot Travel Destinations for 2010

This is the time of year when pundits love to list trends for the New Year, including the popular "Hot Travel Destinations for 2010." They typically list just the obvious (Orlando for families) or delight in telling the rest of us what trendy places a few sanctified celebrities plan to go. A really constructive report, however, will help you decide, in a practical way, where you want to go. Gather the family together and use the following guidelines to make planning easy for your own “hot travel destination”.
  1. Accommodations
    If you are on a budget, plan to rent a timeshare. The cost is typically 50% less than hotel rooms, because you are renting from a timeshare owner. Plus, you get separate bedrooms and living space, will save money by using the fully-equipped kitchen to feed those constantly hungry kids, and the resort's amenities (swimming pool, tennis, hot tubs, craft classes, etc.) are all included in the price.

  2. Time of Year
    When does your family schedule allow for vacations? Winter? Spring Break? Summer trips? Autumn fun? Do research online to find out what fun activities are available during your vacation week. Snow skiing, beach, hiking… time of year will help narrow down your ideal destination.

  3. Mode of Transportation
    Do you plan to drive? Stay up to date on gas prices at Or perhaps you'll try the increasingly popular train rides ( Flying? A site that keeps constant check on the frequently changing air fares is

  4. Family Member Ages
    Take stock of the various ages that will be vacationing and plan accordingly. For toddlers find resorts with kiddie pools, children's playgrounds, and even child care. Many resorts offer teen activities, including arcade game rooms. Does Grandpa enjoy golf? There are lots of resorts that have on-site links.

  5. Preferred Family Activities
    Is your family active? Do you enjoy hiking, skiing, horseback riding, biking? Look for timeshares near National Parks, and most ski areas have timeshare resorts. How about a visit to Disney, Sea World or Universal Studios? Many budget timeshares are available both in Orlando and Southern California. Maybe a beach vacation is your dream - the U.S. mainland sports great beaches in Florida, Texas and Southern California. Or opt for a beautiful Caribbean timeshare or in resort towns along the "Mexican Riviera."
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