Tips for Renting Floating Timeshare Weeks

In general, when you are looking to rent a timeshare, you’ll notice there are two different types of weeks: fixed and floating. With a fixed week, the owner will have the same week each year (i.e. week 52 or week 35). Alternatively, the owner of a floating week can choose any week they want, within a given season, and dependent upon availability at the resort.

When planning your vacation and searching for timeshare rentals online, you can tell if a week is fixed or floating by the availability dates listed. Fixed weeks will have a specific seven-day period shown, such as Dec. 21, 2009 - Dec. 28, 2009. Floating weeks display a much longer timeframe of availability, such as Sep 25, 2009 - Dec 31, 2010.

When renting a floating week, you’ll want to be sure to contact the owner and ask them to check with the resort to determine if there are any date restrictions (i.e. holidays). Also, keep in mind that just because the week you want is listed on the site, it does not necessarily mean that the unit is available at that time. This is because the resort is also taking requests from other floating week timeshare owners. You must have the owner contact the resort to verify that your preferred week is still available. Weeks fill up early, so it is best to plan your vacation and attempt to book floating weeks as far in advance as possible.
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