Timeshare Owners Can Rest Assured in This Economy

It’s been reported that despite the current economic recession the timeshare industry remains steady. What does this mean to you as a timeshare owner? Globally more hotels are allocating a portion of their rooms to timeshare units, because vacation owners represent a growing segment of the population that are still travelling in these tough times. This is due to the fact that timeshare owners have already acquired their points and paid their annual fees for their units, so, put simply, they already have a pre-paid vacation and are much more likely to use it than someone who does not.

People still want to take vacations, even in this challenging economy. Whether they feel they can afford to or not, the desire is there. And, considering the amount of stress most people are under, what better way is there to relax and renew your spirit than to visit a friendly and inviting resort focused on personal touches and value-added amenities. These are the things a timeshare resort can provide.

Hotels and resorts are finding the need to very competitive in this economy because the reality is that there are fewer travelers out there. Those that can add more attractive amenities will be the ones that get the visitors. The result? Timeshare owners win. And, with 5,000 resorts in almost 100 countries around the world, a timeshare owners choices are endless.
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    I enjoyed this article - finally something upbeat about owning a timeshare! And I just wanted to add that I found redweek.com to be very helpful in answering my questions, too.

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