Timeshare Industry Leaders Part of International Tourism Partnership

The International Tourism Partnership, founded in 1992 and part of the International Business Leaders Forum, is a unique organization that brings together industry leaders to demonstrate in a practical way that environmental and social responsibility make good business sense.

Many global leaders in the timeshare industry recognize their social responsibility and have taken steps forward in collaborating on finding practical solutions to the challenges of sustainable development. Founding member Marriott International is joined by other timeshare and vacation club businesses including Hyatt, Hilton Worldwide, Diamond International, Wyndham, and Starwood Hotels and Resorts - all who share the same commitment to collaborating on finding those solutions.

According to Stephen J. Cloobeck, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Diamond Resorts International®, “Our decision to join the International Tourism Partnership demonstrates our acknowledgement of the important position Diamond shares in the hospitality industry and how vital our environmental leadership is in our global operations as we embrace all aspects of sustainability, preservation and social responsibility. We greatly value the opportunity to have the support of the International Tourism Partnership to establish a mutually beneficial relationship toward our sustainability goals.”

The International Tourism Partnership brings together leading corporate partners in the hospitality and tourism industry to demonstrate that environmental and social responsibility makes good business sense.

Its aim is to encourage the hospitality industry to improve its impact on both environment and society by showcasing examples of leadership, working in partnership with other sectors, companies and agendas, and providing practical products, projects and solutions that focus on both short term outcomes and long term goals.

Stephen Farrant, Director of ITP commented, “The issue of moving toward greater sustainability remains a huge challenge but also a great opportunity for the sector. The more enlightened businesses are taking meaningful action on improving their environmental and social impacts, and the International Tourism Partnership has a vital role to play in championing and enabling this.”

The members of ITP represent some of the largest travel and tourism companies in the world, comprising over 11,100 hotel properties and 1.8 million rooms, all of whom agree that only through collective, industry-wide action at local, destination and country levels can real progress be made toward a more sustainable hotel, travel and tourism industry.
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