Travel to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the new, highly anticipated theme adventure scheduled to open in the spring of 2010 at Universal Studios in Orlando. Plan your family vacation this year to include this exciting and dramatic experience by renting a budget timeshare in Orlando, Florida.

As everyone knows, Florida is not only a great place to plan a beach vacation, but Orlando has the highest concentration of theme parks in the country. Opened in 1990, Universal Studios is the second largest theme park in Orlando after Walt Disney Resorts. Universal Studios invites you to "Ride the Movies" by making you feel like you are in a movie set with rides that are inspired by popular films.

The massively popular series of books written by J.K. Rowling about the adventures of adolescent wizard Harry Potter were made into hugely popular films, and now have been transformed into "a completely immersive environment" that will bring the characters of the films as well as the wizarding world itself, to life. Both the Production Designer and the Art Designer of the film series have guided the creation of the Harry Potter theme adventure to ensure that the expectations of Harry Potter fans are met at the highest level.

Universal Studios has unbelievably transformed Harry Potter's fantastical world into a real place that you can touch, taste and feel. You'll first encounter the town of Hogsmead Village, entering by the station where the billowing steam of the iconic train signals your arrival. In Hogsmead you can sip Butter Beer at the Three Broomsticks, buy extendable ears at Zonko's, and have an amazing interactive experience at Diagon Alley's Wand Shop where, as you know, you don't choose the wand but the wand chooses you.

At the Sweet Shop you'll be able to try Chocolate Frogs and All-Flavored Bertie's Beans. Outside town near the Forbidden Forest Hagrid will train you how to properly ride a hippogriff. Your adventure with Harry Potter culminates, of course, at Hogwarts Castle, where you'll have the mind-blowing experience of "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey."
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