Family Travel: Places Kids Should See – Colonial Virginia

Colonial Williamsburg Pictures, Images and PhotosThis is the third in our series "Places Every Kid Should See" - the Historic Triangle of Colonial Virginia: Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. Rent a budget timeshare at Williamsburg and take the family back to America's beginnings.

Central to the core of America is its colonial period and the Revolutionary War. There's no better way for kids to really understand how America came to be, and have fun at the same time, than to walk the very streets, enter the very buildings, and basically breathe the same air as did America's forefathers.

Nicely situated in an easy-to-get-to grouping are three of the most famous, and most important, towns to America's early history. Jamestown, Virginia, was established in 1607 by Captain John Smith as the first permanent English settlement on American soil. Located on an island in the James River, Historic Jamestowne and the Jamestown Settlement museum, tell the story, through living history sites, films and tours, of the settlers who founded Jamestown and of the Powhattan Indians they encountered. Your kids can explore a reproduction of 1607 Fort James and see an Indian village. They'll also be able to actually board moored replicas of three sailing ships that brought settlers and supplies to Jamestown.

Colonial Williamsburg
Just 11 miles from Jamestown is Colonial Williamsburg. Here your kids will be able to see many of the actual buildings that made up Virginia's capital and the social hub of the colony. Your kids will have fun interacting with the interpreters who dress, and even speak, as the colonists did. The kids can take a tour of the capitol, the actual building that housed the colonial government. They can actually sit at tables in Raleigh Tavern where George Washington sat. They can tour the home of George Wyeth where Thomas Jefferson stayed as a young man attending William and Mary College, also on site at Williamsburg. And your kids can walk the very street strolled by Thomas Jefferson on his many visits to the Governor's Palace to see the governor of colonial Virginia, appointed by the British king.

Drive on down the scenic Colonial Parkway for just another 13 miles and you'll come to Yorktown. Here your kids will see the story of America come full circle as they visit the Yorktown Battlefield where British General Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington, ending the Revolutionary War. A variety of activities designed just for kids are available, including the Young Soldiers program where your kids can join a costumed interpreter and experience the siege of Yorktown.

By renting a Williamsburg timeshare you'll have the perfect hub from which to help your kids explore the very beginnings of America.
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