Vacation to Sint Maarten – The “Friendly Island”

Sint Maarten/Saint Martin, the "Friendly Island", is what many consider to be the best kept secret in the Caribbean. Rent a timeshare and take a budget family vacation to this unique tropical island that is just 186 miles east of Puerto Rico.

One half of this island is Dutch (Sint Maarten) and the other half is French (Saint Martin). It is the smallest inhabited island in the world that is divided by two nations, a peaceful division that dates clear back to 1648.

Each half of the island is known for its distinctive flavor. If you're looking for festive nightlife, exotic drinks such as those made with the native rum-based guavaberry liquors, and exciting casinos, visit the Dutch side. On the other hand, the French side will give you phenomenal duty-free and tax free shopping (including amazing outdoor markets), rich Caribbean cuisine, and even the occasional nude beach.

Don't worry, there are plenty of activities for the younger members of your family, too. You can rent a timeshare at resorts that have kiddie pools, children's playgrounds, game rooms, and even child care. The entire family will enjoy beach hopping, exploring all kinds of beaches from hidden, almost deserted ones to popular beaches such as Baie Rouge and Longue Bay.

Mullet Bay, on the leeward side of the island, has calm water, perfect for the little ones. Although the far end of Cupecoy Beach is clothing optional, the main part of the beach is great for family fun. This beach is surrounded by unique rock formations and there are many small caves to explore.

You'll have a remarkable experience on Mahoe Beach, so be sure to bring your camera. Believe it or not, it's located at the end of the main landing strip for the Princess Juliana International Airport. Because of the airport's position between a large hill and the beach, planes, even as large as Boeing 747s, have to make a spectacular approach and come in just a little above startled sunbathers.

Whatever you plan to do, be it sunbathe, swim, snorkel, surf, play golf and tennis, or hike up to an old fort for a stunning panoramic view of the blue Caribbean, your timeshare stay on the "Friendly Island" will be one you and your family will always remember. See all Sint Maarten and Saint Martin timeshares.

(Photo shown is the Royal Palm Beach Club, Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten)
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    I first heard of this island when some friends actually moved there. Since then we've rented a timeshare every year and visit the friends and love the island.

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