Discover Wet and Wild Marine Life on Your Next Oahu Vacation

Most of us head to Hawaii for sunbathing on gorgeous beaches, playing in sparkling waves, surfing, out-rigger rides, and any host of other fun activities a sunny beach vacation affords. But Oahu has some water activities you may not have thought of - a spotlight on the wonderful array of marine life that is special to the tropics. Rent an Oahu timeshare and head out to discover the wet and wild.

The Waikiki Aquarium is a world class marine research institution founded in 1914, and is under the direction of the University of Hawaii. With over 500 species of marine animals and plants to view, and wonderfully situated along a living coral reef on the Waikiki shore, it has been designated a Coastal Ecosystem Learning Center of the tropical Pacific. Here your family will see everything from zebra sharks to the highly endangered Hawaiian Monk seal, and the kids will have fun spotting a real life Nemo and Dori. The Waikiki Aquarium was the first aquarium in the world to breed the chambered nautilus.

Sea Life Park Hawaii is an exciting place to get up close and personal with Hawaii's marine life. This marine attraction is in an incomparable setting, located just 30 minutes from Honolulu on Oahu's windward side, between the beautiful Ko'olau Mountain Range and wonderful Makapu'u Beach. Many interactive programs will give you and your family once-in-a-lifetime experiences when you swim with dolphins, play with sea lions, and even don a diving helmet and walk through the water among colorful reef fish and friendly sea turtles.

Humpback whales like Hawaii just as much as you do, and start showing up in November. By January most have arrived in the warm Hawaiian waters where they reproduce, give birth and nurse their young - and sing. Whale watching is in full-swing from January through April. It is very possible to spot these whales from land, but they generally stay 2-3 miles off shore, and even with binoculars your view of them will be less than impressive. Instead, consider one of the many government-regulated whale watch cruises, some with on-board marine naturalists as guides, and have the exciting adventure of seeing these magnificent marine animals up close.

Focusing on Hawaii's remarkable and precious marine life, your family will truly find their timeshare vacation on Oahu a very special experience.
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    Seeing humpback whales is worth a trip to Hawaii.

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