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Welcome to the new Timeshare-info.org blog. We will be bringing you the latest information on the timeshare and travel industry as well as offering you a wealth of news and information about what you need to know as a timeshare owner, as someone considering buying a timeshare, or as someone who enjoys using timeshare rentals for vacation travel.

Timeshare owners already know that vacationing in a timeshare is the best way to travel, and so much different than a hotel experience. When you travel with timeshare, there are no surprises, so it takes the stress out of vacation planning and ensures your vacation needs are met. With more than 5,000 resorts in 100 countries, timeshare owners and renters can reserve their favorite vacation spot to return to year after year or exchange their week for a different location and a new experience.

With a standard hotel you get just one room with a bed and a bathroom. Those who travel with kids or as a group of four or more, know that cramming into a single hotel room or trying to arrange adjoining rooms can be a challenge. Plus, this setup is particularly difficult for families with small children. When the kids go to sleep, mom and dad's options are limited, as the whole family is sharing one room. But with a timeshare you typically get a full condominium unit with: one, two, or three bedrooms; a central living room (usually with a sleeper sofa); dining area; a complete kitchen (with full-size stove, oven, microwave, and dishwasher, as well as dishes and utensils); washer and dryer; one, two, and sometimes even three full bathrooms. This difference can really enhance your travel experience by making you feel at home with the additional space and privacy. And for families, mom and dad can put the kids to bed in one bedroom and continue to enjoy themselves in the spacious living areas.

Also for family travelers, many timeshare resorts offer complimentary children's activities, such as arts and crafts, pool games, t-shirt making, karaoke, and more, giving parents a chance to spend some quiet time together. And, typically, great activities are close by the resort as well: water parks, miniature golf courses, bowling, family game shows, and movie nights, in addition to the standard tourist attraction or theme park you may have travelled to see.A timeshare resort also opens up a host of options that are not available at a hotel. The full kitchen allows guests to eat meals in their unit, rather than in restaurants every night, for a major cost savings. The washer and dryer in the unit means you don't have to pack as many clothes, which means less bags to haul around for an improved travel experience. Plus, many timeshares offer movie rentals on-site and VCRs or DVD players in the units, so you can save money on entertainment as well.

Timeshare usage for vacation travel is truly the best way to go. You can simply focus on relaxation, spending time with your family, and making memories -- which is what a vacation is really all about.
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