Oyster Bay Timeshare Resort Unveils 40 New Ocean View Rooms

If you’re looking to travel to St. Maarten this year, you won’t want to miss the luxurious accommodations at the Oyster Bay Beach Resort timeshare . Their dramatic upgrades, improvements and 40 new rooms offer guests a travel experience to remember.

“The new timeshare units will enhance the quality of the resort by allowing more families to enjoy the oceanfront at Oyster Bay,” says Jan Borsje, General Manager of Oyster Bay Beach Resort. “Also, by adding 20% more capacity, it will be easier for owners and Interval International exchangers to get the date and location they want,” he said.

Some of the upgrades at the resort include beautiful granite kitchen and bathroom countertops, spacious tiled showers, new plumbing fixtures and top-of-the line cabinets. “The units are really quite beautiful and are equal or better than any top-rated hotels in the Caribbean” said Jan. “The view of the Atlantic ocean from the spacious, private balconies is unique and makes the resort a treasure.”

For those travelling with a group, you’ll appreciate the new four-story timeshare pavilion which features “flexible room configurations” that assemble into efficiency, one- and two-bedroom units. These units are very unique with the added convenience of a full-size kitchen and refrigerator, four burner stove and plenty of kitchen space for food preparation. Some of the rooms are also equipped for those with special needs or physical impairments.

A recent guest to the resort had this to say:
“It is absolutely spectacular and in the perfect location. The rooms are beautiful as are all of the common areas. The resort is everything you could possibly want in a boutique, high end, luxury resort and keeps getting better. It is by far one of the most desirable resorts to stay on the island. You won’t be disappointed!”
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    Just the name of this resort makes me want to go! And with a review like that - who can resist.

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