Save Money with Timeshare Rental for Your Next Vacation

Have you ever considered timeshare rental for vacation travel? In a new article from entitled “5 Secrets for Cheap Travel”, renting a timeshare was 4th on the list of ways to save money.

“A timeshare is like a shared ownership in a condominium except it's often at a resort hotel.” Says reporter Matt Markovich. “Many timeshare owners are very willing to rent their unused weeks. “ is like the Switzerland for renting, buying and exchanging timeshares. It is a subscription based service, not run by any of the big hotel chains or timeshare companies. You can browse timeshare resorts located all over the world, see descriptions of the properties, availability, and rental prices. The information is posted by the timeshare owner. But if you want to make contact with the owner, you need a subscription with, which costs $15 per year. Its well worth it when compared to the savings you'll get. By renting a timeshare directly from owner, you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the nightly prices the resort charges for the same exact unit.”

Here’s what a member had to say:
"We were skeptics of course on renting from a timeshare owner. BUT, we stayed at The Omni Cancun for 5 nights and [the timeshare owner] was a wonderful owner to work with. Everything went according to plan, no problems what so ever. Just want everyone to know that we had a pleasant experience using this website and quite honestly could not have taken such an expensive vacation without the affordable rates timeshare owners can offer by renting out their weeks. I say a big thank you to this website and all the owners." – Gaye M.

When it comes to planning your vacation this year, do yourself a favor and look into timeshare rentals. You’ll find beautiful resorts available all over the world at a fraction of the cost you’d find a typical travel web site. Save money today.
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  1. Alice Says:

    Renting timeshares is the Only way to go for a budget, but Great, vacation. We're hooked!

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