When Are Timeshare Owners Vacationing?

Is there a particular time of year that most owners are using their timeshares? We found that just like other vacationers, timeshare owners are dependent on their life circumstances to determine when they vacation. There is another factor though that is exclusive to timeshare - the type of timeshare plan.

Life Circumstances 

  • Owners with families are likely to make their vacation plans around school schedules - summer, spring and winter, school holidays. Year-round school schedules can add other options for vacationing.
  • Business circumstances play a large part in decision making. People who are employed have to plan vacations well in advance. Companies may have regulations on when employees can vacation.  A recent trend noted is to book a timeshare around a company conference, or when calling on clients. It's nice to have a comfortable timeshare to come home to after a day of stressful work. You may be able to combine business with pleasure and use a few vacation days.
  • Generally retirees have more flexibility in choosing vacation months. Retirement can be the perfect time to take advantage of the many timeshare options.
  • Special activities or special events can be another factor in vacation decisions. Skiers want to vacation in the winter months and look for timeshares in ski resorts. A horse racing enthusiast may want to book resorts where major racing events are taking place.
  • Where you live full-time plays a big part in vacationing choices. Those that live in colder climates want to escape in winter to sunny resort areas - those living in desert areas want to leave the summer heat for cooler beach areas. 

Type of Timeshare Plan

The particular timeshare plan owned affects the choice of vacations and times that can reserved. Vacation clubs and points programs require advanced bookings and the willingness on an owner's part to work a little harder in monitoring availabilities and planning vacations well in advance. 

By owning multiple properties in different areas, vacation clubs increase their variety of vacation options. There is an initial cost to join and an annual fee. Points programs offer multiple resort choices too. Members buy a membership and receive a number of points every year. They can exchange the points for participating resorts. There is an annual maintenance fee.

Exchange companies are another way to find flexibility in vacationing. It requires the owner to deposit a week with the exchange company. As others deposit their weeks and resorts deposit unsold weeks, the exchange company builds up inventory of exchangeable weeks. Exchanging works particularly well if the owner is willing to vacation in off seasons when inventory is more available.

Timeshare Advantage

Take the advice of VacationBetter.org and others - it isn't just where you vacation that matters, what really matters is that you take a vacation. Americans are not taking their vacation time and it's not good for their health and well-being. Timeshare guarantees regular vacation time away with all the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits of vacationing.  
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