Summer Airline Travel Will Be Challenging

Flying to your vacation destination may not be the best way to travel this summer. All indicators point to a record number of summer fliers and a long list of problems to follow. TSA staffing shortages and fewer than expected PreCheck signups (meant to shorten wait lines) have already left many airline travelers standing in line for hours. 

Security procedures were recently tightened when federal auditors managed to get fake bombs and weapons past screeners during a security test. The June 12th attack in Orlando brings even more aggressive security measures. Travelers are advised to get to the airport two hours early for domestic travel and three hours for international travel. 

Not Just the Lines...

Baggage Fees

Other issues compound the annoyance and inconvenience of flying. The high cost of baggage fees can add more expense to your trip. A recent check of airlines showed both American and Delta with baggage fees of $25 for the first bag, $35 for the second and additional bags $125- $200 each.

Of course carry-on bags are free, and that's fine for some who have mastered the fine art of squeezing everything needed for a seven day trip into a smaller bag. But the struggle of finding an overhead bin that's got any space to fit the bag, and lifting the bag in and out the bin and hauling it around the airport just doesn't cut it for everyone.

Extra Fees

Paying for checked bags, meals, food, entertainment, and even pillows and blankets, once free to all fliers, quickly add to flight costs. Apparently, these fees were started in 2008 as a way to counteract the rising cost of jet fuel, and the economic disaster after 9/11, but now airlines are making money. One would hope the fees would go away, but they haven't yet.

Comfort Issues

Comfortable flight? Hardly. We all know we can pay extra for comfort by buying business class or first class tickets, but some travelers are required to pay for an additional seat if they are deemed too large for the standard seating arrangements. Who decides who is too big for the seat? It can cause some very sensitive issues and most people confronted with this have just gone along with paying for another seat rather than causing a scene. 

Maybe it’s Time for a Road Trip...

Avoid the problems of flying this summer. Timeshares offers many great drive-to locations and though you may get into some traffic, you can go on your own time schedule and set your own course. You won't have to deal with the tangle of airline setbacks and delays.

Owners on the West Coast can find outstanding summer deals in Las Vegas, Palm Springs and Phoenix. The California coast is beautiful and offers many beachfront timeshare opportunities. Lake Tahoe is a favorite timeshare location and a quick drive from the Los Angeles area.

Owners on the Eastern Seaboard have Florida, Hilton Head, New York and more.  Popular ski resorts in both areas are perfect for family summer vacationing (no long ski lift lines!) with hiking, biking, river rafting and other activities. Have a stress-free summer vacation! 

If you’d like to express your views on airline travel, contact us at Timeshare Info.
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