Keep Competitive With Mobile Apps

Does it seem like there is a new technology innovation popping up daily in our world? Every industry is affected by technology, and timeshare is no exception. Anything that makes it easier, faster and more convenient to travel is key. Owners and guests are using their mobile devices to get what they want from the travel experience. The use of travel mobile apps for smartphones and tablets to explore areas and activities, book reservations, control in-room features, and carry out resort transactions, are a few of the ways mobile apps are used.

Gain an Edge on the Competition

"Incorporating an app-driven experience into your resort service strategy can be a key differentiator in attracting and retaining visitors and potential owners," says Christine Ciccone, vice president of online marketing at RCI. Apps can provide a better customer service experience. They can be a great way to explore the property and showcase the location and amenities with vivid video images, one of the fastest-growing trends on social media. According to Jessen O’Brien in his article, "The Power of Video" in Ventures magazine, statistics show that both Facebook and Snapchat have recently recorded eight billion daily video views.

Use Apps for Resort Transactions

Mobile apps such as Oombaga make it convenient for owners to take care of business seamlessly via their mobile devices. Owners use the mobile app to pay maintenance fees, make reservations and carry out various resort transactions. They can choose float assignments, exchange, rent and book their time all in one place through mobile interfaces, websites, emails and instant messaging. Taking care of business has never been easier.

Personalize and Add Value to the Owner Experience

Resort apps are a way to personalize the resort experience for owners and potential owners and to highlight the resort's special offerings. It may be as simple as a greeting using the owner's name whenever they download the app. It can be used to keep owners aware of special promotions and new activities, or include a chat function that makes it easy to ask questions and get quick responses. Apps provide immediate information relevant to the resort area such as weather information, particularly important in ski areas when the amount of snow is a big factor.

The information an app can provide is endless. It's a perfect tool for the timeshare industry. A recent Skift's trends report, The Future of Messaging Technology in the Travel Industry states, "As their customers adopt new ways to communicate, resorts and hotels must do the same. With upward of 2.5 billion people using messaging platforms, the vacation industry needs to ensure that it is meeting consumer demand for this form of communication."
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