Continuing Education for Owners

Are timeshare owners aware of the numerous ways to get the most out of vacation ownership? Do they know and understand all the current issues affecting ownership? Dial-An-Exchange (DAE), a worldwide vacation exchange provider, thinks it may be time for more education - particularly since timeshare has experienced so many changes over the past decade. DAE recently re-launched an owner education program first used in 2008, called Vacation Education Series (VES).

What's it All About?

The Vacation Education Series (VES) hits the road with its program in San Diego on March 22. DAE is making it convenient for owners to attend VES by holding it where the owners live and not where their timeshare is located - San Diego has a large percentage of owners who live within a 20 mile radius. Sessions are designed to educate timeshare owners and potential buyers about the many ways they can get the most out of timeshare. Current timeshare issues affecting ownership will also be on the agenda and open for discussion. The informal and non-threatening roundtable discussions led by industry leaders, are meant to encourage owners to ask questions, participate and interact with each other.

"The Vacation Education Series was created and designed to offer timeshare owners vast resources that encompass all aspects of ownership," explained Susan Friedline, DAE Business Development Manager USA. "It is a forum to educate as well as update them on the current issues that can affect their ownership. We are excited to have the opportunity to talk to owners and learn more about their needs to continue to partner with reliable resources to fulfill those needs."

Topics for next week's San Diego series include the Future of Timeshare, Resales and Rentals, Know What You Own, Explore Exchange, and Advantages of Proactive Ownership.

Other Industry Educators

Other timeshare entities are also looking out for the best interests of owners with their educational offerings.

As part of its Affiliate Access Program, RCI offers a series of HOA-focused "Lunch and Learn" events where owners can talk with RCI representatives about best practices to get the most out of vacation ownership. These 3/4 day, no-cost information sessions are held in a relaxed setting enabling participants to talk face-to-face with representatives, ask questions, share ideas and enjoy lunch together.

American Resort Development Association (ARDA)
ARDA represents and promotes vacation ownership in various capacities. Its web site provides a wealth of information for owners ranging from updated legislative issues that may affect timeshare owners and their well-being (ARDA-ROC), to assistance and resources for HOA members (HOA Outreach).  On the ARDA site, owners and potential owners can find the answers to all their questions concerning ownership, and the latest news and research on timeshare issues, exchange tips, resale guidelines and much more.

The National Timeshare Owner Association (NTOA)
NTOA dedicates its business as a platform to advocate for timeshare owners, and to educate and help owners find answers to their timeshare questions and concerns.  Aligning itself with industry and community partners, NTOA offers a multi-media internet education center. In addition to their Feedback Page, its toll-free consumer helpline (1-844-ASK-NTOA) offers owner assistance with timeshare related issues.

Owner Forums
Timeshare forums can be a good place for owners to talk to other owners, share experiences and get questions answered. Many timeshare and vacation companies such as Wyndham, TripAdvisor and RedWeek all have their own owner forums.
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