Planting Trees, Saving Turtles…

Most timeshare resorts are involved in some type of green program that involves such things as recycling, water saving methods, use of environmentally friendly products and alternative energy sources.  Some timeshares are taking it to the next level. Not only do they promote environmental practices in their resorts, but they are also giving back to their community’s environment and looking out for the needs of future generations through worthwhile projects.

Wyndham’s Worldwide Commitment to Social Responsibility

One company committed to a program of conserving natural resources, preserving habitats and preventing pollution on a worldwide basis is Wyndham Worldwide. The WyndhamGreen program is used not just in their North American resorts, but in all of their resorts across the globe, including countries of Africa, and Central America, India and China. By adopting best practices with owners, franchisees, employees and guests, in 2013 Wyndham has reduced its carbon emissions by 13 percent and its water usage globally by 16 per square foot from its 2010 baseline. 
Giving back to the communities that support their locations is also a top concern of the company. Here are a few of their projects:
  • Wyndham Vacation Ownership has launched a Million Trees Project which has already planted 450,000 trees in forest lands lost to fires. 
  • With their Arbor Day Foundation Rain Rescue Program they help to save rain forests, promote human compassion, and support the Raw Forest Alliance certified coffee. 
  • Wyndham Exchange and Rentals Indianapolis partners with Indian Land Trust to support the Browning Marsh, a wetland area with many rare and endangered species.

Royal Resorts Helps to Protect Mexican Sea Turtles

Royal Resorts, a timeshare company with resorts throughout Mexico, rescued and released 3,773 baby sea turtles into the ocean this year. The company’s Sea Turtle Protection Program has since its inception in 1998, released 522,394 turtles and protected 6,264 turtle nests. Not only is this a worthy conservation project, but members and guests staying at Royal’s resorts, are provided an awesome experience. During the season from August to November they can watch the exciting release of the baby turtles.

Employee Buy-In a Must for Efforts to Work

A sure sign that your resort’s business management sustainability programs are working, is gaining the support of the surrounding community. But programs also need buy-in by resort employees. 
Grand Pacific Resorts (GPR) understands they need employee buy-in to support their environmental efforts. GPR supports its green program with a company-wide green committee, the Green Squad, comprised of employee representatives from each of its resorts. The committee meets monthly to develop new ideas and innovations to reduce their environmental impact and satisfy owner/guest expectations for environmentally conscious hospitality practices. 
The company also strives to educate guests, who can be a big part of how well your program works, as to how they can help. During the regular Welcome Breakfast, guests are reminded of such things as to be conscious of A/C usage and to use alternate cooling methods like opening windows, or keeping windows closed when the A/C is on.  All these efforts must be working for GPR’s Carlsbad Seapointe resort. It won RCI’s 2013 top green recognition, the Platinum RCI Green Award.

According to Breckenridge Grand Vacations (BGV), their primary focus is highly committed to business management sustainability. Their employees and guests are empowered to devote daily operations to this effort. BGV also strives to positively impact the lives of owners, guests and employees.  Their focus seems to be working. BGV was selected as one the best places to work in a recent ranking by the Denver Post and has also won the industry ARDY Employer Choice award.  In addition, the town of Breckenridge and the High Country Conservation Center recognized their sustainability efforts by awarding them a 2014 Sustainable Breck Certificate. The certificate recognizes the adherence to the strict green standards set by the town of Breckenridge.
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