Who’s Helping Resort Managers and HOA Board Members?

Find out Who and How at the TBMA 2014 Meeting

Doesn't it sometimes seem that the big guys have it easy? The Marriotts, the Hiltons, the Wyndhams, with huge support staffs and access to all the latest in software and technology, seem to have all the bells and whistles to be successful. But, there's an organization that wants to make sure the little guys have what it takes to be successful too. 

The Timeshare Board Members Association (TBMA) 

The Timeshare Board Members Association (TBMA) helps on-site resort managers and HOA board members deal with the nuts and bolts of managing owner-controlled resorts. The organization works with these individuals to find what they need to run a successful timeshare resort—from where to buy linens to setting up booking engines on their websites. Through its educational resources, TBMA helps resort managers and HOA board members find the support and tools they need to be effective representatives of their resorts. 

"No Resort Should Operate in a Vacuum"

TBMA holds that no resort should operate in a vacuum. The organization feels that owner-controlled resorts have been especially hard hit in today's economic and business environment. HOA Board Members and managers are having to deal with issues such as: inventory of unsold intervals, fraudulent transfers, and managing delinquency rates. TBMA helps these members and managers identify problem areas, and make a plan for dealing with them. One way the organization provides information to members and managers is through informative, educational meetings with industry experts.

TBMA 2014 Meeting October 26-28 in San Diego, California

According to TBMA, this year's meeting features a new dynamic, interactive agenda and a special introductory session to meet and greet peers. Educational panels, case to case studies and peer to peer networking provide additional opportunities for ideas and support. A few of the key issues that will be featured and presented by industry professionals at this year’s meeting are:
  • Analyzing your resort’s financial health
  • Coping with unsold HOA inventory
  • A closer look at Board Member fiduciary responsibilities
  • Essential refurbishment/upgrades, planning and funding
  • An analysis of the evolving marketplace

It’s Free

Membership in TBMA is free and there is no registration fee for board members and resort managers to attend the TBMA meetings. Board members and resort managers can join TBMA at www.tbmassoc.org.  RSVP for the San Diego Meeting via Email: resorts@tstoday.com.

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