Help from Industry Experts Keeps Legacy Resorts Moving Forward

It isn't just the newer, larger resorts that can provide all the "bells and whistles" to keep up with the competition. The more mature "legacy" resorts have lots to offer, and industry experts are helping them to keep moving forward competitively while also maintaining a healthy HOA.

Compass Resort Group

One of the industry experts working with legacy resorts is Compass Resort Group. The company helps single-site resort developers and HOA’s that are responsible for mature resorts in need of assistance.  Headed by two long-time timeshare industry pros, Jay Finley and Chuck Frey, Compass Resort Group concentrates on resorts that may be experiencing issues related to maintenance, shrinking reserves and escalating debts. The company does a thorough analysis of each applicant’s needs before embarking on a course of improvements. 
Compass Resort Group has assisted resorts such as Branson Yacht Club (find it on to become more profitable, gain new owners and recover lost revenues. The group also offers assistance with software training and conversion, project development, financial advice, and in developing successful marketing and sales efforts.  A specialty of Compass Resort Group is selling HOA owned inventory in a way that maintains price integrity and preserves value for current and prospective owners.

RCI Affiliate Access Program

RCI is another industry expert helping legacy resorts.  The RCI Affiliate Access Program, includes a partnership with leading service providers and vendors from the timeshare industry.  Through these partnerships, RCI affiliate resorts have the opportunity to develop preferred relationships with quality vendors and suppliers, and to negotiate the best prices for products. RCI Affiliate Access has 86 partners including such companies as guest generation system Leisure Link, customer survey system CustomerCount™, and timeshare accounting firm Averett, Warmus and Durkee. 
Other services offered under the Affiliate Access program are state of the art call center capabilities, marketing analytics, and forecasting and pricing tools. 

RCI Legacy Resorts Outreach – Lunch and Learn

As part of the Affiliate Access Program, RCI is presenting a series of HOA-focused "Lunch and Learn" events in 13 locations around the country through October of 2014. The luncheons bring RCI sales and servicing teams and RCI Affiliate Access Program partners together with board members and resort industry leaders for a ¾ day, no-cost information session. Participants have a chance to talk face-to-face with RCI representatives about best practices to get the most out of vacation ownership.  It’s also the perfect opportunity for participants to get acquainted with Affiliate Access Partners, learn cost saving methods, share ideas and have lunch! For more information contact:

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