Improve the Guest Experience for Greater Owner Engagement

Is a beautiful resort abounding with comfort and luxury in a coveted location all it takes to attract and keep owners, guests and potential buyers coming back to the resort? Probably not—more is needed.  For complete owner engagement, resorts must provide many varied activities and amenities.  

First Things First

Smart management will do their research before they incorporate large scale amenities. Prior to embarking on a new project, management may want to make sure they have the answers to several important questions:
  1. Is there buy-in from the HOA?
  2. Is there enough money to handle the expenses?
  3. Does the amenity fit the demographics of the resort? To find out study historical influences; the tradition and philosophy of the resort, cultural and social influences, weather and time of year.
  4. What is a good activities program? Does it add a standard of quality and value that translates into repeat business?  Activities should be creative in a way that relates to the uniqueness of the resort's environment. Activities should make the vacation special. A well-trained and enthusiastic staff will complement the specialness. 
  5. Are there activities geared to all ages, including an active, separate children’s program? Safety should be a prime consideration in all activities.  Children should be grouped by age-appropriate activities. Guests should have many options to choose from with activities to match their interests and ability levels.
  6. How will the resort review and monitor the activities program? An ongoing performance review of the program is very important. Frequently monitor guest engagement using activity cards, social media reviews, and informal walk-throughs on the property to talk to guests, and staff for feedback. Check to determine if activities can be directly related to such things as increases in direct resort revenue, and increases in length and frequency of stays.

Build Projects to Add Excitement and Create Memories

Positive answers to these questions encouraged Exploria Resorts’ Summer Bay Orlando to go ahead with a big project.  They were already on the way to enhancing guest experiences when they had the opportunity to make lemonade out of a lemon.  After a devastating sink hole last year caused severe damage and swallowed two buildings, the resort decided to make the most of the area left after removal of the wreckage. To create an additional marketing draw and expand the overall resort experience to every family member, Summer Bay Orlando enlisted Extreme Engineering, to create a new pirate-themed Adventure Park attraction. This exciting family activity features a floating dock, bumper boats, rock climbing wall, zip line, bungee jumping and a wipe-out style inflatable zone with picnic areas and a food and beverage outlet. 

More Than a Beautiful Location

The owners of Grand Pacific Palisades Resort didn’t rest after building their resort in the beautiful beach city of Carlsbad, California.  Though the resort is located in a prime location with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the world-renowned Carlsbad Flower Fields, and next door to LEGOLAND, it wasn’t enough. Grand Pacific also made sure that owners and guests have plenty of other amenities and activities to make their stays memorable—multiple pools and spas, an onsite interactive water park, fitness center and outdoor activity center. In addition, guests have access to a near-by 18-hole championship golf course and a luxurious full-service spa.

Companies That Make Your Resort Stand-out

Extreme Engineering is the world’s largest supplier of adventure activities for the resort industry and amusement parks. It’s one of the companies dedicated to building projects that make a resort stand-out from all the others. With projects like Summer Bay Orlando, Extreme Engineering projects and activities will satisfy even the most seasoned thrill-seekers.  Guests will want to stay a little longer and come back more often. As Extreme Engineering says, it’s about "creating memories through excitement."
Crystal Lagoons, is a pioneer in converting even the most impossible areas into gorgeous lagoons with crystal clear waters.  The company works with real estate developers to "transform any location into an idyllic beach paradise" suitable for all water activities. Not only does the company convert unsuitable coastal areas, but its projects also bring beach life to unimagined places such as inland and urban areas. The company is currently involved in over 200 projects in 50 countries. 

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