Promoting the Value of Timeshare

Most timeshare owners already know the value of owning a timeshare. The American Resort Development Association has established a website to talk to consumers who want to learn more about it. The website is undergoing some major changes which are projected to be revealed early next year in time for ARDA World 2014, their annual convention. The site itself is still a wonderful resource for both consumers who are thinking about purchasing a timeshare and want to make sure it's the right thing, or timeshare owners who want to learn how to make the most of their timeshare. It’s also a terrific third party credibility piece for timeshare sales reps to show to their prospects.

At, ARDA’s consumer information website, you can find everything you want to know about timesharing without bias, but clearly with a positive slant--all answered with the click of a button. There are several websites that make it their business to answer timeshare questions, but when it comes to clarity and objectivity from an industry point of view, is a good place to start. The website provides a wealth of information for consumers thinking about timesharing, as well as existing owners.

We will keep you posted as to the new look and feel of the site.  ARDA’s Communications Committee selected an organization based in Washington D.C. for the redesign.  But, until that work is finished, still has tons of valuable information for consumers and industry professionals, including:

a. Timeshare 101  is a favorite section of the site. It has a list of the most frequently asked questions about timesharing. Find your question, click on it, and you will get a comprehensive answer.

b. Understanding Timeshare  answers the question, "How does timeshare provide a better vacation?"

c. Understanding Ownership, with subheadings such as Variety, When You Purchase, and Benefits of Ownership, is a good starting point for potential buyers.

d. Understanding Exchanging  gives you exchange tips and explains how it can be a wonderful way to leverage your timeshare ownership into vacation locations other than your own.

e. Vacationing With Timeshare provides a checklist of the reasons your next vacation should be a timeshare.

ARDA also has their own blog with good information about timesharing, and the laws related to purchasing and ownership of timeshares. Vacation ownership is highly regulated. ARDA works closely with federal and state governments to support consumer protection legislation and to make sure strict standards are upheld.

Of course we are proud of this blog and we strive to keep you updated with information about use, points, rentals, exchange, and industry updates. Be sure to subscribe to our blog for updated info.

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