RCI Pacific Announces Go Green 2011 Award Winners

RCI, the global leader in vacation exchange and one of the Wyndham Worldwide family of brands, announced the winners of its successful “Go Green Awards” for its affiliated resorts in the Pacific, at the recent Australian Timeshare and Holiday Ownership Council (ATHOC) conference.

This year’s winner, Club Paihia in New Zealand, the runner-up in 2010, showed remarkable progress using prize money earned last year to set up a dedicated Club TV channel that provides guests with information about the resort’s sustainable activities.

Western Australia’s Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific Dunsborough and Queenstown Mews also of New Zealand were acknowledged as runners-up. To recognize their commitment to sustainable environmental practices, each of the three winners received cash donations to further expand their environmental programs.

Martyn Rix, CEO of Monad Pacific Management, the management company for Club Paihia and Queenstown Mews, commented on the awards saying, “The recognition goes to the individual resort managers who worked tirelessly and with passionate dedication to establish the successful environmentally sustainable practices at both resorts.”

“This year we tweaked the criteria to better reflect some of the latest findings on trends within the hospitality industry. More importantly we also took into account progress and performance, so that the amount of sustainability-related change made during the past 12 months was a major factor, along with actual practices and initiatives,” said Dr. David Weaver, Professor of Tourism Research at Griffith University, and adjudicate of the self-assessment and on-site inspection phases.

More than 15 resort submissions and three exceptional finalists who demonstrated credible advances in environmentally-friendly sustainable practices throughout the year, made this year’s Go Green program a resounding success.

“Having such committed eco-conscious resort managers, clearly reflects on the exceptional caliber of resorts within RCI’s exchange network,” added Charisse Cox, managing director of RCI Pacific.

Launched over two years ago, the ‘Go Green’ program was a first for the timeshare in the Pacific and for RCI worldwide. Recognizing the emergence of a growing ‘green conscious’ member base, RCI set out to encourage affiliate resorts to embrace green initiatives while aiming to improve the industry’s carbon footprint as a whole.

Consequently, the ‘Go Green’ program has quickly been embraced by affiliate resorts both regionally and globally. Since its inception, both RCI North America and RCI Europe businesses have followed suit, launching similar programs this year, yet another example of RCI’s commitment to the environment on a global level.

“Go Green Award of the Pacific region and The Green Awards of North America and Europe fit in well with our global commitment to corporate social responsibility and the environment,” Cox said.

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