Thumbs Up to Festiva Timeshare Complaints Resolution Web Site

In January we reported that Festiva Hospitality Group and Festiva Adventure Club had launched a new web site, Festiva Complaints Resolution Center, aimed at resolving online Festiva Resorts complaints and providing information to owners and guests trying to resolve their various Festiva complaints. Festiva has experienced an immediate positive reaction from its resort guests who have used the new service.

“Since the launch of the Festiva Resorts Complaints Resolution site we have seen an overall decrease of complaints submitted to third-party websites as our customers are finding that when they contact us directly, their issues are resolved much faster and more effectively than when they submit their complaints to a third-party site that offers no resolution,” says Sara Little, Festiva’s Director of Corporate Communications.

One of the most significant accomplishments of the new site is the facilitated direction of complaints to the proper departments within the company for quicker resolution and away from false “Festiva scam” websites which were set up in the past to masquerade as the company’s complaints department.

Little explains, “We realized several years ago that in order to keep up with the fast-paced and ever-changing world of the internet, and specifically social media, we need to actively participate in the online conversations that are already taking place within our industry. We have since taken several steps to utilize various forms of technology to improve customer service and communication with our owners and guests, and is the latest tool we are using to reach out to our web- savvy customers.”

Festiva Hospitality Group and Festiva Adventure Club’s family of resorts include a wide range of properties across the U.S. and Caribbean. Popular Festiva resorts with timeshare rentals include: Paradise Harbour Club and Marina on Paradise Island, Bahamas; Stormy Point Village in Branson, MO; and Church Street Inn in Charleston, SC, as well as many other Caribbean and U.S. destinations.

You can visit the Festiva Complaints Resolution Center at
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