New Festiva Complaints Resolution Center

Festiva Complaints Resolution Center, a new online presence by Festiva Resorts, offers members and guests at Festiva’s timeshare resorts a unique opportunity to interface with Festiva’s customer care team to resolve problems, submit complaints, and read frequently asked questions and resolved complaints from other guests.

The timeshare industry’s online reputation has been inundated in recent years with various “consumer scam” and complaint sites, claiming to help consumers solve their problems. In reality, these scam sites are set up to produce ill-gotten advertising revenue for their owners and offer little value to the consumer trying to open a dialogue that ends in their complaint being resolved or to obtain more information about their issue.

“We’re trying to make a proactive effort to meet online complaints 'head-on.' We are able to resolve an overwhelming majority of the issues that our guests bring to our attention, and we constantly strive to improve our methodology and service as it applies to consumer complaints,” says Sara B. Little, Festiva’s Director of Corporate Communications.

Guests are able to read special announcements from Festiva; for instance, a recent letter to members regarding special assessment has been posted on the site, along with updated comments from members, in order to dispel confusion about the program. Along with various resolved Festiva complaints, member-specific information specially suited to resolving common issues can be found throughout the site.

Festiva Hospitality Group and Festiva Adventure Club operate a chain of resorts located in destinations across the United States and Caribbean. Offering a full range of resort locales from luxurious beaches to historic neighborhoods, Festiva’s timeshare resorts provide the utmost in comfort, service, and luxury, while maintaining a family-oriented environment.

Visit Festiva’s Complaints Resolution Center at:
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