Travel to Cancun – The Caribbean Jewel

Cancun is known as the "Caribbean Jewel" of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. A world-famous destination for honeymooners, and college students on spring break, the beaches, water parks and other amusements make Cancun a great place for a family vacation as well. Rent a timeshare and jump right into the joys of Cancun!

This famous tourist destination was entirely master planned, resulting from a 1967 study by Banco de Mexico to determine the feasibility of tourist development on the Yucatan Peninsula. Unbelievably, at that time the three caretakers of a coconut plantation on Isla Mujeres were the only residents of the area. A nearby fishing village and military base had a total of 117 people, the only other people living nearby.

Today 150 hotels, supported by over 350 restaurants and nightclubs, bring millions of tourists a year to the Cancun area. The island, shaped like a number "7," is where the hotels are located, and is connected to the main city of Cancun by causeways. Beaches on the short end of the "7" have offer gentle surf, while the long side of the "7" has rougher and more active waves.

The beautiful tropical beaches are what draw vacationers, but Cancun offers much more for a truly memorable vacation. The crystal clear waters are teaming with colorful fish and underwater wildlife - a haven for snorkeling and scuba-diving enthusiasts. Sportsfishing is available from small motorboats to large charter expeditions - great for bringing the catch home and frying it up in your timeshare rental kitchen!

For history buffs and admirers of ancient culture, touring the Mayan ruins is a must. The nearby towns of Tulum, Coba, and Chichen Itza offer unrivaled glimpses into what was once the magnificent Maya civilization. A ferry trip to the island of Cozumel will give you both the adventure of exploring Mayan ruins, and the thrill of experiencing some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the Caribbean. See all Cancun timeshares.

(Photo shown is The Royal Islander timeshare resort, Cancun)
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    I'd never wanted to go to Cancun, because Everybody goes there. Got talked into renting a timeshare there with some friends last month - now I'm hooked!

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