Where to Stay and What to Do on the Island of St. John

Looking for suggestions on where to stay and what to do on the tiny Caribbean island of St. John? A great place to start is the Weston St. John Resort and Villas. Rental timeshares start at a budget-friendly $143/night, and are available at both phases of the resort: Westin St. John Virgin Grand Villas and Westin St. John Bay Vista Villas. The sparkling turquoise waters of the Caribbean define the extraordinary beauty of this resort. You can relax on the white sand beaches or beside the resort's waterfall pools, or be more active and go kayaking, scuba diving, and even play tennis on a turf court.

The kids will love the ocean trampolines and the floating wall in the center of the beach. A must-see is the exciting iguana feeding each afternoon when wild iguanas race in from all over to feast on left-over salad fixings. At night let yourself go and dance to the lively reggae and calypso music in the resort's lounges.

During some of your days on St. John you'll want to rent a jeep and explore the awesome Virgin Islands National Park. The Park's 7,000 acres covers two-thirds of St. John Island, encompasses breathtaking hills, valleys and beaches, and has miles of hiking trails through tropical forests.

Along the Cinnamon Nature Trail you'll come across the ruins of sugar plantations. At the top of the Boudreaux Mountain Trail you'll be at the highest point on the island at 1,277 feet above sea level. The view from there has been very poetically described as "what you must see from heaven." The most popular hike is Reef Bay Trail, along which you'll see the remains of sugar mills, as well as thousand year-old petroglyphs put there by ancestors of the island Taino people.

At Trunk Bay you'll find the famous underwater snorkel trail, a good beginners spot, and great for anyone interested in learning about marine life. Amazingly there are plaques placed along this underwater trail explaining the different species of tropical fish.

On land there is a variety of wildlife to enjoy as well. Nesting across Virgin Islands National Park are over 30 species of tropical birds. Besides the thrill of catching a glimpse of these colorful birds on the wing, the entire family will have fun looking for green iguanas, scampering geckos, turtles, and even wild donkeys.

The temperatures on St. John Island can get into the hot 90's during the summer months. So the best time to rent a timeshare is December through April when the days and the ocean, too, are just deliciously warm. Get away from gloomy winter doldrums and treat the family to a sun-splashed Caribbean holiday at the Weston St. John Resort and Villas.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    What a dream vacation this would be. And an inexpensive timeshare rental could make it possible.

  2. Alice Says:

    Everyone always talks about Aruba - but for our money, St. John is the place. We've stayed at the Westin St. John (very inexpensive timeshare rental through redweek.com), and the iguana "races" are hysterical - a must see!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    We love Chocolate Cove - especially beautiful at night.

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