Vacation in Jamaica

Jamaica is a wonderful vacation destination. A beautiful, big island in the Caribbean, (140 miles long in fact), with stunning white sandy beaches and azure seas. Sounds like paradise. Deliciously exotic with a kind of down to earth practicality thrown in. Here’s just a taste of all there is to do for the vacation traveler.

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica, on the southern edge of the island. You can visit the museum of the famous reggae singer Bob Marley while in Kingston.

Port Royal
Port Royal is the famous hang-out for all of those dastardly pirates a few centuries ago. It was founded by the British, who began fortifying the settlement next to the deep harbor that now holds as many as 500 ships.

Montego Bay
On the NW coast of Jamaica, Montego Bay is “where the parties never stop” according to the Jamaican Tourist Board. But, there are also wonderful sites to see like: Dunn's River Falls, 600-foot waterfall. A very striking site, with the mountains surrounding it. Or, swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove. You can even sail through the air above the canopy of the rainforest on a “canopy tour”. Visitors are provided with a helmet and a harness, then you are attached to ropes rigged between platforms and you whiz through the sky across the tops of the trees and ferns! Can anything get more fun that that?

Meet the People
Here’s something very unique you might enjoy. The Jamaican Tourist Board has sponsored a program called “Meet the People”. Sign up, and you get to spend some time with a “host” family sharing a meal in their home, attending church with them, or enjoying a picnic on the beach. This is a great way to get to know the real Jamaica!

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