NYC Vacation to See the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Have you ever wondered what it's like to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in person? Why don't you plan a family vacation to New York City this Thanksgiving and find out!

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade first marched out 85 years ago when a group of Macy's employees took to the street with balloon-decorated horse-drawn floats and live animals including camels and elephants. This first parade was called Macy's Christmas Day Parade, although it was held on Thanksgiving Day. Santa Claus drew the crowd to the Macy's store where he unveiled the famous Macy's Christmas windows.

The first helium balloons went up in the 1928 parade. But they all exploded because it had been forgotten that helium expands with altitude! The balloons were redesigned, and return address labels were attached for prizes that Macy's offered for the return of the balloons. In 1958 a helium shortage saw the balloons being brought down the street on cranes. And 1985 was the first year to have a snowstorm on Thanksgiving - but true to "show business" tradition the parade marched on!

For an exciting experience the family can watch these giant balloons being filled with helium the night before the parade. On Thanksgiving Eve join the crowds outside the American Natural History Museum and see this awesome transformation. By the way, in 1975 the Dino the Dinosaur balloon was inducted into this museum as an honorary member!

This can be a budget-friendly trip for your family by renting a timeshare for the week. You can find timeshares available right in downtown NYC, and besides saving money on the room, by using the fully-equipped kitchen that's included, you can save on meals out as well. Except, of course, as a real treat enjoy that all important turkey dinner at one of NYC's many restaurants! See all New York City Timeshare Resorts.

For information on the parade route (it's a new one for 2009) and tips on viewing the parade from families who have been there, visit the Traveling Mamas Blog.
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