Can Vacations Make Kids Smarter?

A recent study shows that vacations can actually make kids smarter! The U.S. Department of Education has published a study showing that children who travel over the summer school break actually did better in reading, math and general knowledge than their peers who did not take a vacation. "The data is clear - and gives hard-working parents another reason not to put off a summer vacation trip” said Dr. Bill Norman of Clemson University. "Providing kids with the experience of travel broadens their horizons and opens up their minds to learning."

The study went on to prove that children who traveled during the summer scored higher on academic achievement assessment tests than those who did not travel. The average number of days spent on vacation for these subjects was 11.8. It is also important to note that children who visited plays or concerts for cultural enrichment, art or science museums, historical sites and locations, beaches or lakes, national or state parks, and zoos or aquariums also had significantly higher academic achievement scores than those who did not experience such locations.

"The timeshare industry has always touted the importance of regular vacations for health and wellness," says Howard Nusbaum, president and CEO, American Resort Development Association (ARDA). "This study gives families yet another strong reminder that taking vacation has benefits beyond the actual week or two of vacation." See Howard explaining more on YouTube.

This information perfectly supports the reason why owning a timeshare is of such a great benefit. Not only are you paying for your vacation in advance, guaranteeing you’ll take one, timeshare resorts have so much more to offer the family traveler than just a standard, one room hotel. With additional room(s) to spread out, (living space plus bedrooms), the in unit kitchen to save money on meals and the great kid-friendly amenities, it’s obvious why timeshares are the best place to stay for family travel. If you have not experienced a timeshare vacation before, make it a point to try timeshare rentals. You’ll be glad you did. And once you do, you may even decide to buy a timeshare resale for yourself!
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    I can attest to this. Our kids' teachers are always mentioning how "worldly" they seem compared to other students.

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