Top Three of America’s Most Visited Cities

From the Forbes Travel List, below are the top 3 most visited cities out of the 30 reviewed on their America’s Most Visited Cities report. Dan Erkkila, former Chairman of the Board of the Travel and Tourism Research Association, says “More and more, the marketing of destinations is about how a destination will make you ‘feel’ when you visit. It is about the whole experience. It’s about how it changes you—momentarily or forever.” Take a look at the top 3 cities and add your comment below telling us how each destination makes you feel.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

    Las Vegas was the #1 most visited city, reported by Forbes Traveler. There’s always something to do in Vegas: Shows, events, music (you can get tickets to see Beyonce July 30 - Aug 2), sports, spas, golf (at Eagle Crest or Callaway to name a few), shopping (like the Forum Shops at Caesars), dining, attractions, nightlife, wedding chapels and of course casinos, casinos, casinos! See Las Vegas timeshare rentals.

  2. Los Angeles, California

    The 2nd most visited city was Los Angeles. Hollywood movie stars, high-profile sports teams, fun attractions, beautiful Pacific beaches and theme parks (like Disneyland in Anaheim and Universal Studio a short drive away) are just some of the reasons tens of millions of vacationers come to Southern California. Anaheim is just 25 miles away from downtown Los Angeles. See Anaheim timeshare rentals.

  3. Orlando, Florida

    And, coming in at 3rd place was Orlando. With readers rating that their reason to visit Orlando was mostly for such top tourist attractions like Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios (just outside Orlando), the city also has a lot to offer with shopping, restaurants and must-see attractions like those on International Drive and in Pointe Orlando. Local DJ and music scenes make up an exciting nightlife where visitors can hang out in cool lounges to dance until the wee hours or relax in a laid-back pub. See Orlando timeshare rentals.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    If you rent a timeshare in Anaheim, you're in easy driving distance of not only Disneyland, but also all of the Hollywood things.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    A must-see in L.A. is Madame Tussuad's Hollywood wax museum. This one is the best because you can actually interact with the figures - dress up, use props, etc. and have your picture taken with them.

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