Timeshare vs. Hotel Room

Do you know the difference between a timeshare rental and a hotel room? Most people don't realize that timeshare units are so much different than hotels and it’s especially noticeable when traveling with a group of four or more. Instead of trying to fit everyone into ONE single hotel room, or paying more to try and arrange adjoining rooms, you get more space and more home-like amenities that make your travel experience much more enjoyable for families. Here’s the comparison:

  • One room with a bed and a bathroom
This setup is particularly difficult for families with young children. You know how it is, once you put the kids to sleep, you have to go to sleep too because everyone is in one room.

  • One, two, or three bedrooms

  • A central living room (usually with a sleeper sofa)

  • Dining area

  • A complete kitchen with full-size stove, oven, microwave, and dishwasher, as well as dishes and utensils

  • Washer and dryer

  • One, two, and sometimes three full bathrooms
This is optimal for family travel because parents can put the kids to bed in one bedroom and continue to enjoy the rest of their evening in the additional living areas.

Save Money with Timeshares:
Plus, think of the cost savings being able to prepare meals in the full kitchen in your room and not needing to eat out three times a day. In addition to the additional space, you will pay less for a timeshare rental than you would pay for the same room on a travel website. Timeshare owners can list their rentals online and offer them at any rate they wish, since they own the week. If you’ve never tried renting a timeshare before, you should compare prices. As you look at listings on a timeshare rental Web site, the number of bedrooms shown are almost always actual rooms off of the main living area. A studio or hotel-style accommodation would be listed as having zero bedrooms. Because they're typically equipped with sleeper sofas, a one-bedroom will usually sleep four people comfortably.

Get More:
Many timeshare resorts offer complimentary children's and family activities such as game night, movie night and even arts and crafts. Movie rentals are also an option with VCRs or DVD players in the units, so families can save money on entertainment as well. And, most have at least one (if not more) swimming pools at the resort and are often near: water parks, miniature golf courses, standard golf courses and theme parks to keep the family completely entertained. For your next family vacation, timeshare rental is truly is the best way to go.
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