Find Pet Friendly Timeshare Rentals

Does your pet travel with you? Accommodations can be the trickiest part of pet travel, but the good news is that there are many timeshare resorts that allow pets. See this list for pet friendly timeshare rentals to help you plan your next vacation around your furry friend. When pets are allowed, size restrictions typically apply. Be sure to contact the resort directly to be sure the pet friendly location you choose will accommodate your pets size (smaller is better). They may conduct a short interview with you about your pet and provide you with more details about their pet policies. You may also be required to sign a pet liability release form. The best resort are those that really cater to the four-legged visitor, offering treats, meals, bowls, sitters, and even beds.

Here are some standard guidelines and rules you should assume exist, unless the manager tells you verbally or provides a written policy indicating otherwise:
  • Never leave your pet alone in the room. If this is allowed, be sure to provide an assortment of toys and turn on the television or radio on low to give her a sense of companionship.

  • Bring your own bedding along, or a portable carrier for your pet to sleep in.

  • Do not allow your pet to sit or sleep on the furniture or beds in the room.

  • When feeding and leaving water out for your pet, use the bathroom area or a tiled or hardwood floor. Timeshare resorts also typically have kitchens, which would be an ideal spot.

  • Take your dogs for a walk off the property and always clean up and dispose of waste properly.

  • Due to health regulations, pets are not allowed in areas where food is prepared or served, so, don’t be surprised when you can’t bring your pet to breakfast.

  • Always keep your pet on a leash when outside the room. Dogs spook easily in new environments and for the comfort of others, a leashed pet is not as threatening.

Being prepared and knowing what to expect should make traveling with your pet a great experience.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Before I read this article I would not have thought there were timeshares for rent where we could take our two cockers. This is good to know.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    We try to always rent at timeshare that allows our dogs. It's easy to do, and we like seeing what treat or toy will be given to our dogs by the different resorts.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    We travel with two well trained dogs and stay at the boutique hotel chains, Kimpton or Joie de Vivre. The hotels are all different and mostly very hip and dog friendly. The managers tell us our dogs behave better than most of the kids that visit the hotels. The problem; we have 4 time shares and want to know how to use our timeshares and take our two Dobermans. Yep, 2 big red, floppy ear, stubby tail dobbies. CA, WA, OR and Mex are good targets for us; any reconditions?

  4. JW Says:

    You just need to call your timeshare property to ask if they allow pets and what their requirements are.

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