Do You Have Owner Engagement?

The hospitality industry chatter these days is all about maintaining owner, member and guest engagement. An engaged owner/member/guest is a loyal owner/member/guest. How do you know if your owners are engaged with your resort? According to much of the current research, there are a few behavior traits that are representative of highly engaged owners. Some of these traits will be obvious to you when you read them, but you may not have thought about them enough, nor acted upon them as much as you should to maintain engagement. 

Your Owners are Engaged When:

  • They loyally keep coming back to you. They are the owners who visit your resort time after time, who book weeks in advance, and who are always current in their fees.
  • Engaged owners tell their friends and family members, colleagues and new acquaintances about the resort. They use their social media networks to display pictures of their vacation and to broadcast to all about the great time they had at the resort. They bring their friends and family members with them on vacation, and those friends and family often decide to become owners too. Engaged owners may be your best salespeople!
  • Engaged owners give you needed feedback. When you send out newsletters, e-blasts and posts to social media, your engaged owners and guests respond to your questions and requests. They appreciate you telling them about all the good things you are doing for them. In short, they are invested in your brand and are vital contributors to the promotion of your brand. They also may have good suggestions on what you can do to improve and to maintain their loyalty. 

Treat Them Well

Don't ever let the lure of making more new sales ever cause you to forget about your current owners. Be constantly on the look-out for ways to engage with owners. 


Communication is key in any relationship. In the timeshare industry it should start at the moment of sale and continue consistently throughout the owner/resort relationship. Use all forms of communication that are available, and match the communication to the type of message you are sending, the person who is receiving the information, and the particular occasion.  

Use social media tweets, Facebook, Snapchat for sending quick resort updates and pictures of special events. Owners need to know about all the good things you are doing for them. E-mail a newsletter with notices of improvements, added activities or special owner events. Don't forget phone calls and personal written notes offering congratulations, expressing sorrow for a loss, or just thanking them for being such a good member of your timeshare community. This type of communication may be just what an owner needs. 

Know Your Owners

Communication can only be effective if you know your owner. Make sure that you and your employees consistently engage with your owners. Taking the time to really know your owners, to know their family, their likes and dislikes, and staying aware of events happening in their lives, enables engagement and fortifies connections that can last for a lifetime. 
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