Maneuvering the Timeshare Secondary Market

You're probably used to seeing a lot of advertising from "postcard companies" soliciting anyone looking to get rid of their timeshare. As timeshare popularity continues to grow, these solicitations stand out, because most owners are happy with their timeshare and are not thinking about selling. But, if this is a time in your life when you have a reason to sell, there are resources to help you maneuver your way through the timeshare secondary market, avoid the scams, and even find alternatives to selling.

Where to Start

The approved party line on the retail market is ARDA-ROC's Timeshare Resale Resource Center. Since its inception in the 70's, ARDA has offered information on the often confusing and frustrating secondary market. They have held symposiums, monitored resale companies and utilized industry leaders to come up with the best solutions. The Timeshare Resale Resource Center site can answer most if not all of your questions. 

First Steps

The very first step the site recommends is to consult your resort developer, manager or owners' association. Often homeowner associations or the management company have websites or newsletters for advertising your timeshare. They may also have a resale program or an affiliated licensed broker that handles resales. Find out how much past resales sold for, what was the commission, and answers to other concerns. And don’t forget the other owners at your resort. If they own weeks before or after you, or own only a small amount of points, they may wish to purchase more time.

Answers to all Concerns

With the Timeshare Resale Resource Center, ARDA-ROC is attempting to answer the concerns and provide information about all aspects of maneuvering the secondary market from buying to selling. Questions about what kinds of resale companies are around, how to prepare to sell and price your timeshare, how to know if a company offering to sell your timeshare is legitimate, and much more can be answered on this site. 

Alternatives to Resale

Don't forget that there are alternatives to selling - in fact selling is not always the best option to choose.  Consider donating your weeks to charity or philanthropic causes. Organizations like Send Me on Vacation, can make you feel good by making someone else feel good through a donation of a vacation to a breast cancer survivor. Give your family or friends the gift of a week or points, rent your timeshare, trade for a cruise, or check with your resort developer or manager about giving your timeshare back.

Continuing Research 

The National Timeshare Owners Association (NTOA) is working on their first executive study on timeshare resale issues. They are partnering with Dr. Tammie Kaufman, a timeshare professor at the University of Central Florida, industry professionals and timeshare owners to analyze and prepare data compiled by the associations Secondary Market Solutions committee.  NTOA wants to help meet the need to educate consumers on how to buy or sell timeshares safely in the secondary market because of the problem of unscrupulous telemarketing and resale operations. According to NTOA more than 10 billion in available inventory sits idle with more piling on each year due to these scammers.

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