News of Strong Growth in the Timeshare Industry - Time to stop Being Defensive and Promote the Positive

In the past, the timeshare industry has received its share of negative reports. But these days, it’s hard to find a negative story about timeshares. With all the new information showing that timeshare is strong and getting stronger, it’s time stop to being on the defensive and start promoting the positive. The organization that is the strongest advocate for the industry, The American Resort Development Association (ARDA), calls its communication committee, the Reputation Management Committee. Why call communications reputation management unless you have issues that need managing? With this month’s latest report from ARDA showing the timeshare industry’s impressive growth and positive impact on the U.S. economy, managing issues is definitely not the issue it used to be.

Much Good News to Share

The timeshare industry made a $68.7 billion contribution to the U.S. economy in 2013.  That’s based on ARDA’s report compiled by Ernst & Young—the Economic Impact of the Timeshare Industry on the US Economy 2014 edition.  Other impressive statistics in the report show timeshare providing 437,000 full and part-time jobs, $23.6 billion in salaries and wages, and $8.5 billion in tax revenue. That’s big news to share with the world.  

Entire Communities Benefit from Timeshare Owner and Guest Stays

ARDA’s report also shows that in 2013, out of a total $10 billion spent by timeshare owners and guests during their resort stays, $7.9 billion was spent off-site in the communities where the timeshare resorts were located. More good news to share with the communities who provide services to the resorts.

Interval International’s Second Quarter Growth Supports ARDA Report

Interval International’s recent second quarter performance results support ARDA’s report of strong industry growth. The company, a global provider of membership and leisure services to the vacation industry, announced record second quarter consolidated revenue—an increase of 14.8%.  Other performance highlights of the second quarter include: a 128.4% increase in management and rental segment revenue (excluding pass-throughs) and the affiliation of 24 resorts. It’s all very good news for members that rely on Interval International’s exchange program to access world-class resorts, and for developers who depend on the company for access to valuable resources needed during the development process.  

Keep the Momentum Going

All indicators show that the vitality of the timeshare industry is headed in the right direction. Let’s keep the momentum going and spread the good word about our industry. We still have to keep aware of the scammers that show up in any industry to give it a bad name, but we don’t need to concentrate on the negative when there is so much that is positive about timeshare.

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