Resort Development Organization Conference Planned for September

This year's Resort Development Organization Conference (RDO2), co-sponsored by RCI, is planned for September 26-28, 2011, and will be taking place for the second time at the Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa near Marbella on Spain's Costa del Sol.

"The timeshare industry is at a critical point in its evolution. The industry has never had a better chance to shape the future both timeshare developers and their owners dream of," said Robin Mills, chairman of the RDO communications council.

The RDO was created following the decision by the European Timeshare Federation to integrate all national timeshare trade associations into one pan-European direct membership organization. Today the RDO has over 90 members from all sectors of the industry across Europe.

Speakers at RDO2 will inspire delegates to look outside their current operations to fulfil these emerging consumer needs and interaction is high on the agenda to make sure the conference is both memorable and actionable, Mills noted.

Dave Thackeray reported for the online news source, RCI Ventures, that Mills said the RDO team had listened long and hard to the advice provided to the organization by former British Hospitality Association chief executive Bob Cotton at its founding conference last October, and the RDO has worked tirelessly with its members to make sure RDO2 matches more precisely what the industry needs for the future.

Thackeray also noted that the RDO has been educated by the ways of its peer, the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), in bringing on stage keynote speakers daily to fuel a passion-filled and highly-energized conference. And for the first time, a 'day in the life' session will look at the work of ARDA's president Howard Nusbaum, who recently celebrated 10 years at the Association.

The Resort Development Organization was established to improve representation for reputable companies in the timeshare sector and promote fair trading, quality within and growth of the timeshare industry.

Its members lead the industry in their commitment to strong ethical standards with the aim of raising the standards of the industry as a whole to ensure fair trading and satisfaction of timeshare owners.
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