Disney Vacation Club Points Change

For the first time in 18 years Disney Vacation Club has made changes to its points program. In an effort to get more of their vacationers to spend weekend nights in their resorts, DVC has reallocated the number of timeshare points required to stay on their properties.

Before this change, weekend stays required almost twice the amount of points as weekday stays. What you will notice as a DVC member is that you will now need more points than was previously required for weekday accommodations than for weekend dates at the Disney Resorts. But, because the points were redistributed more evenly across the week, and not really increased, the total number of points for a 1 week stay remains very close the same.

The DVC reports that the goal is to spread the demand more evenly throughout the week instead of having higher occupancy during the week and having the weekends more empty. Weekend nights are still more expensive than weekdays, but the disparity is less.

The Orlando Sentinel, who originally reported this news goes on to say that “State law allows time-share operators to reallocate points through the year, so long as the total number of points remains the same.”

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