August Kicks Off State Fair Month

August officially kicks off State Fair season! Why not plan a vacation around visiting one of the many State fair across the United States. Visit to see if there’s one near your next travel destination, or, take a look at our suggestions below for a fun day filled with rides, 4-H and FFA competitions, petting zoos, livestock, agriculture, woodworking, artwork, food and music! Every fair has something that makes it unique and stand out from all the others, so, get out there and explore a State Fair near you.

Tennessee State Fair
Even if you’ve been before, there’s lots of new things to see at the Tennessee State Fair in Nashville, September 11 - 20, 2009. They’ve added “Kids Country”, a play zone designed for kids ages 3 to 8. Follow the “new mascot's” footprints all over the fairgrounds to family-friendly, educational opportunities sure to please all ages. (The mascot is a surprise, so, you’ll find out when you get there.) And, don't miss being a part of the never before seen Greenway Energy Expo featuring the latest in renewable energy and the technology that makes it all possible.
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Arizona Exposition and State Fair
You can visit the Arizona Exposition and State Fair in Phoenix from October 16 - November 8, 2009. There’s something for everyone at the fair with great attractions like: The Great American Petting Zoo where animal lovers can pet, feed, and learn about different kinds of animals. Or, watch the Native Spirit Dancers perform an exciting native American dance. Mad Science presents, "Funky Farmworks," a live stage show that explores the fun side of science. Using interactive experiments and hilarious antics, the Mad Scientists will get everyone excited about farming! And, don’t forget the pig races.
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