Timeshare in Brazil?

Many of us have always had a romantic image of Brazil. When the song "The Girl from Ipanema" came out we were seduced by thoughts of long lazy days on gorgeous beaches, with azure oceans and swaying palm trees, and nights of partying carnival style to throbbing Brazilian beats. But recently, our pleasant thoughts have been intruded upon by what the press says is reality in Brazil - Zika Virus, pollution, a high rate of street crime and corruption, and the recent impeachment of Brazil's president.

This year's chaotic Olympic Games have added more fuel to that tarnished image. Some Olympians have refused to compete in the games because of the doping scandals (no fault of Brazil), and the substandard facilities for athletes—clogged toilets, leaking pipes and exposed wires in the athletes' accommodations (definitely a Brazilian problem).  The boa constrictors, crocodiles, capybaras and burrowing owls on the Olympic Golf Course have not helped. So far, hotel and airline bookings have suffered, but last minute demand from regional and international buyers is expected to bolster sales.

A Beautiful Country 

Amidst the negativity, Brazil still remains a beautiful place of vast natural beauty, and the joyful spirt of Carnival prevails. With its many attractions - the vibrant nightlife, music and food of Rio, the great Amazon River and its wildlife, the pristine white beaches, and the clear, calm waters filled with colorful sea life - Brazil is still a popular destination and not to be missed. Throughout the enormous country there are paradisiacal landscapes, astounding rain forests, exuberant activities to try, and an impressive culture to explore. There is something for everyone to enjoy in Brazil. 

Timeshare in Brazil

With all that Brazil has to offer it’s an excellent choice for a timeshare vacation and timeshares offer the perfect accommodations for staying there. They are usually more spacious and often more luxurious than a hotel room, and outfitted with kitchens, living rooms and multiple bathrooms. A family or group of friends can stay for weeks in complete comfort and also save money. Onsite amenities offer great perks - concierge service, pools and spas, laundry facilities and the ability to communicate with other timesharers who offer valuable suggestions and insider tips about activities, restaurants and the customs of the country.

Where to Stay

A good place to start your timeshare search is exchange and rental sites, as well as user group sites like RedWeek, of course! As an example, one of the resorts listed on several of the sites was the Marina Palace, a high rise rated 4 ½ stars, located in an upscale section of Rio across from Ipanema beach. It's family friendly, loaded with amenities and near to many attractions. Westin, Sheraton and Starwood have resorts in Rio and other cities across Brazil. You’re sure to find just the right timeshare for your Brazil vacation. 

To get started, consider checking out these sites:
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