Is Timeshare Popular in Costa Rica?

Breeze Private Residences Club, a timeshare resort
located in Playa del Coco, Costa Rica
One would certainly think so - just google it and you’ll see major timeshare companies such as Marriott and Wyndham featuring locations in Costa Rica, and major exchange companies such as RCI and II advertising their Costa Rica properties. And why wouldn’t it be popular - Costa Rica is one of the most stunning and unique countries, close to the U.S., and appealing to tourists, particularly millennials and families, because of its many offerings. 

Why the Popularity?

Everywhere you travel in Costa Rica, you'll see the expression “Pura Vida” emblazoned on billboards, resorts, t-shirts and souvenirs.  It's a common saying among locals which simply put, means "pure life", but it's more than that to the people of Costa Rica. The real meaning is more to remember to enjoy what you have, because there is always someone less fortunate than yourself. Life is short and we are all here together, so enjoy it! And there are many things to enjoy in Costa Rica.

One of the reasons Costa Rica is a top tourism destination is because of the vast diversity of its landscape. Its many ecosytems, range from rainforests with exotic flora and fauna, to pristine beaches with excellent surfing, and diving, from lush highlands that grow the best coffee in the world, to still active majestic volcanoes surrounded by gorgeous trails for hiking and mountain biking.  All ensure visitors never run out of adventures.

Something For Everyone

Millennials can find all the adventure and thrills that they crave - see the country from above by zip-lining or taking a canopy walk over the rainforests, experience white water rafting on world-class rapids, scuba dive, kayak, sky dive and pretty much any adventure aspired to can usually be found.

Families enjoy many national parks and attractions such as the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, a private wildlife refuge where visitors can feed toucans, and hummingbirds by hand, release newly hatched butterflies and get up close to jaguars and red-eyed leaf frogs. A visit to the Po├ís Volcano in Arenal Volcano National Park is an educational experience for everyone. Visitors can learn all about how a volcano is made, and then hike up to the crater to see the actual caldera and sulfur pool. 

Popular for anyone are the abundant spas and retreats where tired visitors can refresh and repair mind, body and spirit. Take your pick of wellness retreat, holistic or luxury spa, featuring specialty massages, facials, yoga, aromatherapy and a soak in a hot tub or natural hot springs. 

Ideal for Timeshare

Since you need as much time as possible to see all there is to see and do all there is to do in Costa Rica, visitors usually spend more time vacationing, from two to four weeks on average. Often traveling with family and friends, timeshare is a welcome respite. There's enough room to spread out, kitchens to cook money-saving meals, a place to wash clothes well used from all the activities, and opportunities to mingle with other owners and renters to share travel tips and comradery. Costa Rica is a perfect place for timeshare.
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