Five Ways to Create a Personalized Customer Experience

We can still create customer loyalty in the timeshare industry, but it's getting harder and more competitive to find the edge. Standing out from the crowd is not just about features and price, it's about giving your customers their best experience. Says Lior Arussy in 10 Rules for Customer Experience Transformation, "We're living in a new world of exceptional or nothing. This is what customers expect and what we need to deliver."

1. Customer Relationship Management Is Key

One term often heard this year in referring to the customer experience is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM is a combination of the strategies, technologies and practices that a company uses to manage and analyze the interactions and data gathered during the customer lifecycle. This valuable information is then used to improve customer relationships, help retain customers and drive sales growth.  CRM is key in providing a personalized customer experience that develops loyalty. 

2. Be Better than the Competition

Today's customers are being consistently bombarded by competitive marketers. Technology allows marketers to reach customers anyplace and anytime. The global market place gives customers greater choices and more power over the sales process. Customers expect you to act quickly, be accountable for your product, use transparency in your dealings, and go the extra mile for them.  All your customer service interactions work together to build that emotional bond with your customers called loyalty.

3. Be Self-Service Friendly

Today's customer has a multitude of self-service channels. They surf from one website to the other to find their answers and the best deal. It's important that your company website be user-friendly. It should be up to date with FAQ and Q&A, email, video chat, text, and apps, to help the customer answer their own questions, and to give them the ability to ask questions. Aberdeen research states that "companies with strong self-service customer engagement, retain on average 89% of their customers compared to 33% retainment for companies with weak self-service engagement."

4. Know Your Customers – Use Data and Measurement

If you want to identify new customers and really know what's going on with your current customers, you need to have data and measurement. The use of analytics and predictions help you to personalize customer service interaction. And, it doesn’t have to be just Big Data - pay attention to what customers are saying about you on social media sites, community forums and surveys. Even one bad review can impact sales and company image, especially if it isn't quickly identified and acted upon immediately.

5. Be Socially Responsible

If your resort won a green award, or you are involved in a philanthropy, get the word out. Let your marketing materials reflect the type of company that you are. Millennials, the current most in-demand customers, like to give their business to companies that are as socially responsible as they are. If they have a positive experience with your resort, they are most likely to tell friends and acquaintances - using social media of course!
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