Sharing Time is the Best Gift of All

The word "share" in timeshare is your key to making others happy this season. Sharing time is the best gift you can give anyone. This season, think about using your timeshare week, time or points to give others a holiday gift to remember.

Give the Gift of Timeshare to Family

Want to do something special for a special family member or friend? How about giving them that extra week or those stockpiled points you are unable to use? Maybe you would like to trade up to a larger timeshare unit, or for a unit in a different, more exciting location for a special holiday celebration. Sharing the benefits of travel with those you care about the most is one of the greatest gifts of timeshare.

Give the Gift of Timeshare to Charities

Consider donating a week to the charity of your choice. There are many organizations set up for this very purpose. One of the non-profit organizations that offers a way to donate your timeshare week to a worthy cause is Send Me on Vacation. The charity's mission is to provide a needed vacation to women with cancer who have undergone the ravages of treatment, and need a place to heal and rejuvenate their mind, body and spirit. Your donation of a timeshare week will give these women the respite they so dearly need. You can feel good knowing someone has benefited from your timeshare donation, and also receive a charitable tax credit.

The Right Way to Donate

Nonprofit groups such as the American Cancer Society, American Kidney Fund, UNICEF and St. Jude’s accept donations of real estate and other property. Some charities have planned giving departments that you can work with directly. Others prefer that you work with a third-party business that is specifically set up to assist you in donating your timeshare to the charity. One such business is Donate for a Cause. On their website they claim to help owners avoid the unnecessary cost of listing services, broker fees and scams. They also state that they take timeshares and all associated liability on behalf of charities, buffering them from any problems. 

With any donation you need to do your research. The nonprofit watchdog organization offers tips on how to donate with confidence:
  1. Check sites like Charity, Charity/, and the Better Business Bureau ( to see financial statements and get charity ratings.
  2. Look for charities that direct at least 65 percent of their funds to program expenses.

Give the Gift of Timeshare to an Employee

Looking for a way to acknowledge a special employee - one that has gone above and beyond the expectations of their employment? Award them with the gift of timeshare. It’s not just the gift of timeshare you'll be giving, but you’ll also be contributing to the health and future productivity of those special employees. As we all know by now, all the research shows that vacationing is good for health, happiness and overall well-being. And we might add, giving the gift is also good for the giver's overall well-being and happiness.
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