Be Thankful for Your Timeshare

At the start of the Thanksgiving holiday today, we came across an ad for a timeshare in Kauai still available for the Thanksgiving holiday. That's part of the beauty of owning a timeshare - if you are
willing to be flexible in your choice of destinations and willing to try a new place at the last minute, you may still be able to snag a few days for a Thanksgiving getaway. It doesn't get much better than a Thanksgiving vacation on a beautiful Hawaiian beach, or sitting before a crackling fire in a premier ski destination, while making lasting memories with the people most important to you.
Thanksgiving is a time a gratitude and an opportunity to be with family and friends. Timeshare owners have a distinct advantage in this area.  Whether we book a week in advance, or experience a last minute surprise destination, timeshare offers the opportunity to take regular time off with loved ones, as well as:
  • A multitude of resort options all over the world
  • The ability to bring family members together in comfortable accommodations
  • Accommodations with space to spread out and be together, but also to have privacy when needed
  • A kitchen to cook your Thanksgiving feast or a choice of resort restaurants to make things easier
  • Activities to appeal to all ages and glorious surroundings to just kick back in and relax
  • Substantial savings over regular hotel accommodations
As we think about all that timeshare has to give us, let’s not forget the many recent studies showing the lasting benefits to our overall well-being. Regular use of your timeshare positively impacts your:
  • Health and wellness (recharge and refresh)
  • Job performance – (reduce burnout, increase creativity) 
  • Relationships and lifestyle (time with family without distractions)
So, during this Thanksgiving holiday, let's think about all that owning a timeshare brings to us and give thanks that we and our families can experience its many benefits. Happy Thanksgiving!
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