Timeshare Resorts - the Answer to Vacationers’ Need for Space

Timeshares offer the perfect answer to family or group vacations - space plus privacy. Owners and others in the timeshare industry already knew this, but the continued growth of our industry indicates everyone else is figuring it out too. ARDA's recent report, "State of the Vacation Industry: United States Study 2015", shows that the timeshare industry enjoyed consistent growth in 2014. Sales volume increased more than four percent to $7.9 billion and the timeshare occupancy rate of 78 percent surpassed that of the hotel industry’s occupancy rate of 64 percent!

Space to Spread Out

No one wants to vacation in a cramped space. When you are vacationing with family or friends, it's nice to have extra space and the ability to have some private time to yourself. Timeshare units are four and a half times the size of your average hotel room. VacationBetter.org reports timeshare units range from 700 square feet for a one-bedroom unit, to 1,160 square feet for two-bedrooms and up to 1,590 square feet for a three-bedroom. That’s a lot of space for family reunions and celebrations with friends!

Vacationers Love Kitchens

VacationBetter.org says 91 percent of vacationers are happier on vacation when their accommodations include a kitchen. Those of us who timeshare vacation know how nice it is to get up and make your morning coffee and breakfast without stepping out the door. Besides convenience, kitchens save us money too.  Using the kitchen to prepare breakfast, or sandwiches and snacks to take on outings, keeps your vacation costs down. Your beautiful resort is the perfect setting for celebrations, intimate cocktail parties, or barbequing the fish you caught earlier in the day. Use the extra money you’ve saved for dining out at a special restaurant!

Extra Living Space a Plus Too

ARDA's report shows that 61 percent of all timeshare units are two bedrooms, and in addition to kitchens, these units have living rooms too. That gives your family and friends much more room to spread out than the 350 square feet that the average size hotel room offers! 

More Interesting Report Facts

  • The most common type of resort—beach resorts. (No surprise there!)
  • Resorts with theme parks have the highest occupancy.
  • Florida has the most resorts—23% of the national total.
  • Nevada has the largest resort size—182 units on average.
  • Largest occupancy rate for a region—Hawaii at 85.3 %.

For more reasons to love your timeshare, check out www.arda.org/foundation and www.vacationbetter.org 
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