Travel is Trending - Increases in Both Domestic and Global Travel

2015 is shaping up to be a good year for the timeshare industry.  Adding to ARDA’s latest glowing report that shows significant growth in 2013 are more positive predictions from travel industry experts of increased domestic and global travel in 2015. As the recession has receded, confidence in the economic situation has returned, and both domestic and global travel has increased. After four consecutive years of growth that surpassed the world economy by 1.5 percent, predictions are that 2015 should be an even bigger year for the travel industry.    
These 2013 travel statistics from industry experts, are helping to fuel the positive outlook for 2015:
  • 70 million international travelers visited the U.S.  
  • International travelers visiting the U.S. spent a record $181 billion on goods and services
  • U.S. residents took 1.6 billion trips for leisure purposes 
  • Spending on leisure travel generated $91.9 billion in tax revenue

Travel’s economic impact important to trade balance and job creation

Even President Obama agrees that travel is a significant influencer on many of his economic priorities such as the U.S. trade balance and job creation. This spring, Obama met with leaders of America’s travel industry at the White House to talk about more activities to spur economic growth through travel and tourism. Discussion included the renewal of Brand USA, a public-private partnership that has successfully marketed the U.S. as a tourist destination. 

Americans are keeping it domestic

According to a recent survey by, only 13 percent of Americans traveled abroad last year. And of those who did travel abroad, more than 75 percent made more than $100,000 a year.  Issues such as as a weak dollar, high ticket prices, and safety, are some of the reasons Americans are preferring to vacation in their home country.  

International travelers 

On the other hand, the international travel market is growing rapidly, and many of those travelers are traveling to the U.S. America’s competitors in the international travel market were the first to realize the importance of travel promotion - the targeted marketing of countries to potential international visitors. In 2010, after losing ground to the important global market, the US Congress passed the Travel Promotion Act (TPA). That act also created Brand USA, a destination marketing organization for across the globe promotion of the U.S. According to the U.S. travel Association, Brand USA’s efforts has helped add an additional 1.1 million incremental visitors to the U.S. - an increase of 2.3 percent. 

Niche Markets are Trending

A recent article in Travel Age West Magazine reports that the new travel markets on the rise are experiential travel, upscale adventure travel and wellness travel. Hotels and airlines are incorporating more personalized services and the latest technologies. The cruise industry is debuting new ships that combine ocean-going and river cruise itineraries.


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